I am Swiss 🇨🇭 and I like computers and mathematics.

Before falling head first into computing, I was a rower. Affiliated with Saugatuck Rowing Club from Fall 2011 - Fall 2014, and before that Maritime Rowing Club from Fall 2009 - Fall 2011, I was a varisty coxswain that earned national bids. I am also a nationally acclaimed sailor who's had the blessing to train with prior Olympains and win a North American Championship at Lunenburg Yacht Club in the Sonar Class in August 2014.

My computing interests lie in the theoretical field. Compilers have fascinated me for a long time and so now, by extension, I study theoretical Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

To safer computing we move.

Email: [email protected], cooperpellaton on GitHub, c__p_r on Twitter.